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30.09.11 09:40   |    well fuck  ru
 I still cant believe this character is still alive. Its been so long since i've logged in. Well i'm done with the military now, going to college for digital art. I'll be doing 3D modelling and animations when I'm done. Not like anyone cares about it anyways. so whatever. I don't even know why i'm writing this.. I gues for future reference or something to laugh about later.
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updated 17.12.07 00:55
17.12.07 00:55   |    The shit has hit the fan...
 Conichiwa people... So the name of the topic pretty much says it all. I am now in Okinawa, Japan. Tell you what, its not quite what I expected. I thought we'd be working the same shifts, weekends off etc. Well I got a huge flip-off when I got here... 12 hour shifts, no days off, no lunch breaks. So every day feels like a monday: don't want to go to work, and don't expect to get tomorrow off.
On the plus side, its very pretty here. Lots of trees, close to the sea, 20+ degrees every day, and not much colder at night. Better than freezing my nutts off in Washington. Also we're promissed to get days off starting january-ish... Thats when life starts. I heard Japaneese chicks are easy... Plus I want to see everything there is in the city.
The base is humongous! We have to take a freaking bus just to get from the barracks to the hangar. Theres everything here, just name it. it kinda sucks that I have to get a ride to the store to buy sigarettes...
Its 7am now... Bed time for me since I've worked all night.
Write yall later...
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12.11.07 12:21   |    another late night  ru
 Hi all. So i was just being sleepless :D @ 1 am... don't know, why can't I sleep? gotta get up at 6am, that leaves me only 5 hrs to sleep... even less considering the time it takes to make this entry...
Anyways, a couple of weeks ago, I found out I'm deploying to Japan on 3rd of december for 6 months. I'm so freaking excited! Cannot wait till I get there! I've heard a lot of good rumors about that place, like chicks hitting on guys, instead of the other way around... Plus we get a maid at the barracks, and who knows, maybe they do happy endings ;) sure hope so... Also its an airforce base... whats up with that? I supposed since I'm in thee navy, we'd be going to a naval air base... Those guys better not get too cocky... I've heard airforce is a bunch of pussies anyways.
Oh well. Thats about all I can write right now, gotta sleep. Maybe a quick smoke first... Sleepless gotta sleep too.
P.S. Wow that sounds so retarded....
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07.11.07 12:17   |    SupYall!  ru
 So just for the heck of it, I've decided to make a scroll all in english... Don't ask me why, maybe cuz I'm a bit drunk right now, maybe not. Maybe I just want to be different then the others... So please, if u can't speak well enough, don't even try to add comments... And also don't judge me on the spelling, I know its right, and u're wrong...

So anyways, a little bit about myself. My name is Leo (short for Leonid) I live in Seattle, Washington, so if u're from that general area, write me, maybe we'll arrange a meeting or something... I serve in the United States Navy. So if u're wondering whats that bullcrap in my info, that is our sailor's creed. That is something we live by, Our three core values: Honor, Courage, Commitment. U can say whatever u want about that, but russian military sucks, everybody knows that, thats why I'm serving here, and actually earning money and education.
Originally born in Vladivostok, although I've lived most of my liife in ST. Petersburg, Russia. I've lived in US for 4years, 6 months now. The answer to the first question everyone's asking me: Its nice to live here, but a little boreing. Cannot do crap until u're 21yo. But on the plus side: u make more money, and u can actually live along working @ some kind of McDonalds...
If u're thinking about coming over from russia to live here, go right ahead, but u better speak the language, otherwise u're gonna have trouble.
So its already late, and I'm ready to hit the sack. maybe tomorrow I'll come back to the Idea of filling out my scroll, having the whole day off, I think I'll have plenty of time...
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